- Medium-low indirect light 

- Keep soil moist, but never soggy

- Allow the top 1-2" of soil to dry before watering

- Tropical plant with large, heart-shaped, green leaves

- Mature leaves begin to split from edges creating unique leaves

Monstera Deliciosa

SKU: MonD-6
  • Extreme care is taken when packaging and shipping all of our live plants. If you have any specific concerns regarding temperature in your delivery area during the time of order, please reach out and let me know prior to placing order.

    Live plants will likely become drooppy or fatigued during shipping process, this is normal and expected. Bent or cracked leaves can happen during the shipping process. We highly recommend unpackaging your plant as soon as possible and placing in it's appropriate light conditions, watering the soil if it is dry to the touch (1-2 inches deep).

    Returns are accepted, certain exceptions apply. Contact me immediately if you have an issue with your order. 

  • Plants are grown in nursery stock (like most other houseplants), pictures are accurate representations of what you will receive.